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Steam Santa Paper Craft Toy by Desktop Gremlins

Zoooom! Download and build the Steam Santa paper craft toy today.*

We all know that elves can wield amazing and fantastic magic. But what most people don't know is that the arctic elves (the "jolly-old" ones) have also harnessed the power to change the size of objects and even their own bodies. This power gave birth to the most magical elf of all - the Steam Santa. Steam Santa makes gifts for all the good girls and boys, shrinks them down to the size of a spec and carries them in a magical utility belt. He can be seen each December, zooming around the world on a wondrous steam-powered jet pack, delivering holiday joy.


Please help me launch Steam Santa to every corner of the globe by saving this postcard graphic (below) to your hard drive and then you can e-mail it, post it to your facebook page, tweet it, tumblr it, (whatever!) to all your friends and family as a fun holiday treat!

*Have you been naughty? Have you been nice? No matter! Enjoy this FREE download! But make sure you grab this limited-time paper craft before he zooooms away at the end of December!

Gasp! To download this free paper craft toy all I ask is that you support my work by sharing your discovery of this page with your friends.

Gadzooks! After sharing, you can click here to initiate the download process with my thanks. The construction sheet is in Adobe PDF format. (Need the latest PDF reader?)

Print your construction sheet with your desktop printer on glossy photo paper or 65 lb. card stock paper for best results. You only need scissors to cut out the shapes and build your paper craft! (No glue, tape or knives required.) Huzzah!

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